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Sightseeing in Perm

Perm is an interesting city, full of beauty and mystery. We recommend all the guests to see the historical and architectural sites throughout the city and to discover the main touristic routes. The green line route that passes by Prikamie would help you to find the most notable of all the tourist spots.

Diaghilev fest 2018
Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre/Diaghilev fest
The oldest Muslim temple in the city.
Perm Cathedral Mosque
Perm Gallery - pearl of the Perm region
Perm State Art Gallery
Unique Perm Region
Perm Local History Museum
The first wooden monastery was built in the late 17th century.
Holy Trinity Stefanov Monastery, Perm

One of the most popular Perm expositions.
Motovilikhinskiy Plant History Museum: Artillery Museum

The park was born in 1967.
Balatovskiy park

The most popular park of the city
Gorky Park
one of the most striking art objects of the city.
"Perm Gate"

События Перми

В последнее время Пермь стала городом фестивалей и форумов. В данном разделе Вы найдете информацию об основных мероприятиях города и о его культурной жизни.

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